Shaper’s career is a trade.

What motivates me the most is when a client calls me and tells me how the table worked for him and to work modifying the shape.

Also developing new things, that was always in me.

Garza is currently working with soft polypropylene and is now working on polypropylene boards, it is a foam that has 100% memory, it does not absorb water or heat among other positive properties, although it is very difficult to shape and is all manual.

Also he is allready sending samples to Neff Haiman, in Australia.

The important thing about this material is that it foams without toxicity for the atmosphere, it is foamed with water and temperature … it is also recycled.

Garza transferred little by little the profession and passion to his children, becoming a family of surfers and Shapers.


Macoco was born 10 years ago from the head, heart and hands of Marcos Paz.  Shaper, founder and owner.

In 2008 it occurred to him, without knowing much why (or yes?) to take a shaper course with Carlos Chiodi, from Kailua Island- one of the Argentine pioneers of Shape courses.  He liked surfing, he had practiced it, mainly, on the Argentine coast.  He was a sports fanatic.

When he entered the world of Shape he never left … he found his passion.

He had received his degree as an Art Director in advertising, which gave him that creative, artistic plus … He always liked to work with his hands, he was a soul craftsman.  He made his wooden toys when he was little, he made wooden lamps, he made crafts …

Macoco synthesizes his passions … Sports, creativity, art and crafts.  And independent worker… hates the rules set by another!  Born rebel.

Between 2008 and 2010 he got more and more … Training.  First with Carlos, since he stayed working for several months in his workshop, until it occurred to him to make hi’s own boards. Everyone told him that he was crazy.  Boards in CABA?  And he, as every passionate entrepreneur replayed … Why not?

In 2009 he got tired of the city and went on a trip … Surfing!  He spent months in Costa Rica surfing all day.  Until he went to Panama and started working for Boa Surfboards.  He spent several months working daily in his factory.  He learned a lot from the great shapers and professional surfers, improved his technique … and after 9 months of touring Central and South America (Costa Rica- Panama- Colombia- Venezuela and Peru) he returned to Argentina with Macocos name and logo in his mind, he decided to setup he’s own work place.


I was born in 1978, started to surf at 12, and began shaping my own boards in 1996, when I was 18. The art of creating surfboards by hand totally possessed me from day one! I found it so fascinating that in no time at all it became my passion and my career.

   With the objective of gaining experience and evolving as a shaper, I was fortunate to have the chance to work in several surfboard factories in Argentina, California and Europe. But it’s been over a decade now since I have been focusing exclusively on my brand.

   Right from the beginning my specialty and obsession were high performance shortboards, but with time I started to enjoy maig all sort of boards, including classic longboards. In variety lies the magic and pleasure of surfboard shaping!

  I believe the best thing about shaping by hand is the unmatched versatility when it comes to designing custom surfboards. And it is when you have the right surfboard, designed specifically for your level and body weight, that you maximise your chances of having the most fun in the ocean. That is the fundamental aim of every surfboard shaper!